First Solar FS-272/275 Ausverkauft!!!/Sold out!!!

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400,000 First Solar panels are sold out!
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Sale from Repowering:

20.000 x First Solar FS-272/FS-275 - used

Frameless glass/glass modules, thin film (used)

11,00 EUR per panel
(Prices for two or more pallets on request)

  • Average power is > 80%

  • Used, without guarantee

  • Dismantled from running Solar park with FS-272 and FS-275 

  • Nominal power: 72.5Wp and 75Wp

  • Production year: 2009 / 2010 

  • Producer: First Solar

  • Modul type: FS-272 and FS-275 frameless glass/glass panel, thin film

  • Panels have not to be grounded!

  • Pallet: 50 x FS-275 = 3,75KWp Nominal power
  • Pallet dimensions: 1200 x 1200 x 1000 mm Weight: 650 Kg
  • Container: 1,600 x FS-275 ? Truck 1,900 x FS-275

  • Techn. details: see datasheet

  • Price net plus German tax (VAT)

  • Pick up price EXW (FCA Hilden) plus transport

  • Payment terms:100% payment before pick up/delivery

  • Bought as seen, no reclamation acceptable.

  • Physical inspection of the panels in our warehousein 40721 Hilden Germany always possible.

    SPECIAL! 100KW pv-package for 18,500EUR net EXW Hilden

    • 1350 x First Solar FS-275 PV-Modules (101,25KWp)

    • 4 x Advanced Energy / Refusol AE 3TL 23KW (92KW)

    SPECIAL 2: 1MW First Solar pv-power + 1.05MW German SMA inverters AC power for 0.15EUR/Wp or 150.000EUR net EXW Hilden

    Please send your price requests (prices for 2 or more pallets) and orders to:

    * Insolvency / liquidation goods are free of guarantees or warranties. Quantities may vary. no withdrawals. It is always: BOUGHT AS it seen ? No reclamation acceptable!


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